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updated 2022/04/06

1) Who are we?

You can access our website at

2) Media

You will be able to upload images to the site. We do not recommend images containing EXIF data. These may have GPS coordinates. Since these images can be uploaded, these location data are accessible.

3) Cookies

Cookies can store information about your experience. They are useful for your convenience to access personalized content. These cookies have a lifespan of one year.

Some cookies are required, others are optional: the optional ones are used for various third-party services. You can see the list of cookies from the cookies banner.
When you accept, fully or partially, or refuse the use of these cookies, you will use essential cookies to save your choices.

4) IP address

Your IP address may be recorded. It will only be used for the features of views, "likes" and uploading of "creations".
It ensures the efficiency of these features.

5) Data storage times

The creation of your account requires the entry of some of this information. You will be able to consult them in your profile, and even modify some of them.

6) Your rights on your data

Having an account gives you the right to request any personal data we have about you. You also have the right to request that we delete it, except for those stored for various reasons such as security, legal, administrative, etc.


Haltura wants to provide you with an efficient experience by implementing cookies! Cookies are small files that help us to understand you better and to ensure the proper functioning of our technologies. You have the right to manage them as you wish!

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