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The Haltura editor offers an easy way to customize your own library. You will be able to define a visual language for all your components.

A tool for all

The creation of a library requires certain knowledge. The Haltura editor allows you to style your graphic identity by taking into account certain rules and ergonomic principles.

With Haltura, no need to know these principles to have a coherent and accessible interface!

Easy iterations

One of the other advantages of Haltura is the change of style of your components. Indeed, your role is to place your components in the right place in your interface. If you need to modify your components in your project, you just have to take advantage of the Haltura editor's potential, and it's done.

Standardization of platforms

Once you have created your library, all you have to do is export it, taking into account the different media and technologies you need. The documentation will help you to set up your components, Haltura takes care of the rest...


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