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updated 2022/04/12

1) The experience you need

Haltura wants to offer you the best possible experience.

First, your end users' experience will depend in part on the Haltura editor's service. The development team strives to find the best possible technologies for creating your libraries.

Second, using the Haltura editor requires understanding you better. And it is thanks to your feedback that Haltura technology evolves. We really want you to have all the tools you need to achieve your goals: the creation of intuitive components and user interfaces.

2) Your feedback is important

The Haltura team has many ways to listen to you and understand you better.

For this we use different technologies such as cookies, anonymization and storage of your IP addresses, satisfaction forms, a Discord server, etc.

3) How to join us?

We set up different ways to communicate with the Haltura team:
• A Discord server, it's here!
• A contact page, click here.


Haltura wants to provide you with an efficient experience by implementing cookies! Cookies are small files that help us to understand you better and to ensure the proper functioning of our technologies. You have the right to manage them as you wish!

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