Your libraries without coding.

With Haltura, you don't need to code or know the rules of usability to create custom and intuitive libraries!

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Why Haltura ?

icon Haltura promise - Accessibility


Haltura takes into account your choices (colors, shapes, shadows, etc) and adapts your entire library for your users. No need to know the rules of ergonomics, Haltura does it for you.

icon Haltura promise - Customization


From the editor settings, you can customize your library as you wish. Haltura offers you even more customization during the development phase.
See the documentation.

icon Haltura promise - Efficiency


Designing an interface takes time and energy.
One of the great strengths of Haltura is that it bypasses the various tedious and stressful phases thanks to its editor.

icon Haltura promise - No code

No code

Let's be honest, development can be complicated and requires knowledge of different languages.
With the Haltura editor, don't worry about these problems and let your imagination run wild.

Customize tour own library.

The Haltura editor offers a wide range of tools to create libraries that suit you.

Create libraries
customize your own library Haltura editor

Awaken the artist within.

Haltura offers a community space. You will find all the libraries published by other users. Discover them now!

Discover them
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